How to Replace a Lost Tennessee Driver’s License?

Applying for a Duplicate (Replacement) License

The replacement of a lost motorist driver’s license in Tennessee is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TDOSHS). There could be three options of driver’s license replacement including a permit driver’s license, temporary driver’s license, and commercial driver’s license (CDL).

If the person loses his/her driving license, it is possible to apply for another one through the online service or In-Person, visiting some driver service office. If you want to find some of the locations, visit the online Driver Services Center site. However, the process of replacement for the temporary and CDL license could be obtained only In-Person.

Reminder: If the license will expire within 12 months, the better option is to renew it instead of replacing it. And, if the license will expire within 6 months, the only option is to renew it.

For obtaining a Tennessee driver’s license, you need to provide some of your personal information. The first thing is evidence of proving identity that includes original or certified documents with your full name and date of birth. You can provide things like a U.S. photo driver’s license, photo ID card, Birth Certificate, Military Identification, Passport, United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Documentation, etc.

Report a Lost or Stolen TN License, Permit, or ID

The main purpose of reporting a lost or stolen license is to protect your identity. Before you start with the process of replacing your driver’s license, you need to file a police report. Logically, even if you do not file a report for a stolen license, you will get your duplicate license TN. However, we suggest you do that for your personal protection. If you want to file a police report before you obtain your license, you need to visit your local law enforcement agency.

What documents do I need to submit when replacing a driver’s license in Tennessee?

The list of the necessary documents that you need to provide when you are obtaining a driver’s license replacement in Tennessee you will find below. Keep in mind that only original documents can be accepted. That means you cannot submit photocopies and faxed documents.

The primary proof of identification includes:

  • S. photo driver’s license or photo ID card or license with your full name and date of birth. For foreign – a license from another country. Photo documents must be issued by a state or federal agency.
  • Original or Certified Birth Certificate issued by an authorized government agency. Foreign birth certificates must be translated and accompanied by a Certificate of Accurate Translation.
  • Military Identification (Active Duty, Retiree or Reservist military ID card – DD Form 2 or 2A, Discharge papers – DD-214, Military Dependent ID card – for spouse or children of Active Duty Military personnel)
  • Valid, Unexpired United States Passport or Valid, Unexpired Foreign Passport
  • United States Citizenship or Immigration Service Documentation
  • Marriage License/Certificate
  • Federal Census Record
  • Applicant’s Own Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Adoptive Decree
  • Legal Change of Name (Divorce, etc.) – with judge’s original signature and/or official court seal.

The secondary proof of identification includes:

  • Computerized Check Stubs
  • Union Membership Cards
  • Work IDs
  • Financial Institution Documents
  • Social Security Documents
  • Health Insurance Card
  • IRS/state tax form
  • Military Records
  • School Records
  • Vehicle Documents

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen TN Driver’s License?

There are two options when you are obtaining a replacement of lost driver’s license TN including In-Person and Online. However, if you are applying for a temporary license or commercial driver’s license (CDL), you can do it only In-Person.

Motorists cannot order a copy of a driver’s license online if they have a license suspension, revocation, cancellation, or expiration. If the person has 12 months until the expiration day, it is better to renew the license rather than replace it. If the period of expiration is within 6 months, the only option is renewing the Tennessee license.

How to Replace a Tennessee Driver’s License Online?

Motorists can replace TN lost driving licenses online through the TDOSHS website. However, this does not apply to the replacement of a temporary license. For obtaining a temporary license, it is necessary to finish the process In-Person visiting a Driver Services Center.

When you are obtaining a driver’s license online, you need to provide the following personal information including last name, Tennessee mailing address, credit or check card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover), driver’s license/ID number, date of birth, and the last four numbers of your Social Security Number.

Motorists cannot order a copy of a driver’s license online if they have a license suspension, revocation, cancellation, or expiration. You should know that there are no additional charges to obtain a duplicate license by this online method. The replacement fee is $8.

The person’s last license needs to have a digitized signature and photo. Also, it is not allowed by Tennessee law that some people have more than one valid license. In the end, after you apply for a duplicate license and submit payment, you can pick it up at the camera station.

How to Replace a Lost Tennessee Driver’s License In-Person?

If the person does not want to obtain a TN driver’s license replacement online, he/she can do it In-Person by visiting a Driver Services Center. The person needs to provide two primary proofs of identity or two secondary identification documents. Despite that, it is necessary to pay a certain fee and to submit a new photograph for their new license. There are a couple of payment options including cash, checks, credit card, or money order.


  • For obtaining a first driver’s license duplicate online or In-Person the fee is $8.
  • For subsequent duplicates, the fee is $12.
  • The fee for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) duplicate is $12.
  • For obtaining subsequent CDL duplicates, the fee is $16.

Keep in mind that, if your license will expire in the period of 12 months, you can consider renewing the license, instead of getting a duplicate. Also, if your license will expire in a period of 6 months, you need to renew it. In that case, the option for getting a duplicate does not exist.

Temporary Licenses and ID Cards

If the person loses his/her temporary license or certificate, there is an option for obtaining a duplicate at any driver service center In-Person. Note that this is the only option for temporary licenses or certificates. When you are applying for a new temporary license, you need to provide the necessary documents and submit a certain fee.

Out-of-State or Military License Replacement

If the person is out of state for any reason (work/travel/military assignment) he/she can apply for a replacement license in two ways including online or by mail. Keep in mind that you need to provide a current address out of your state. If the people who are applying for a military license have any questions, they can call the number (615) 253-5221.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen CDL in TN

The process of replacing a lost driving license for commercial drivers can be done only in In-Person by visiting your local driver service office. The necessary documentation that needs to be provided is proof of identity, proof of residency, as well as, DOT medical card. You can expect to pay a certain fee. For a replacement of the CDL driver, the fee is $12, and for subsequent replacements, the fee is $16.