Title application

Download TN title application form

The Tennessee title application form is used to apply for a vehicle title in the state. To fill it, provide vehicle details, owner information, and any required supporting documents. Submit to the local County Clerk’s office or online if available. Follow instructions carefully for accurate completion.

Instructions for Filling the Tennessee Title Application Form:

  1. Obtain the Form: Download the Tennessee Title Application Form (form RV-F1321801) above.
  2. Vehicle Details: Enter accurate details about the vehicle, including make, model, year, VIN, and current mileage.
  3. Owner Information: Provide your full legal name, address, date of birth, and driver’s license number.
  4. Lienholder Information: If applicable, include details of any lienholder on the vehicle.
  5. Proof of Ownership: Attach required documents, such as the previous title, bill of sale, or out-of-state registration.
  6. Payment: Include the appropriate fees for title application, taxes, and any other applicable charges.
  7. Notarization: Sign the form in the presence of a notary public if required.
  8. Submission: Submit the completed form and supporting documents to your local County Clerk’s office in person or through the available online portal.
  9. Review and Accuracy: Before submission, double-check all information for accuracy and completeness to avoid delays or rejections.

For additional assistance, consult the County Clerk’s office or the Tennessee Department of Revenue website.